Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai :

With Selenium Training in Chennai, you will learn to Automate Web Applications. Our introductory and advanced Selenium Course in Chennai will help you gain proficiency in Selenium. We have prepared our Selenium Course for Training to help new engineers and manual testers in learning automation of web applications with a framework and put together them within the DevOps processes of a business.

Modules of Selenium Course in Chennai

Module 1: Course Objective

  • Understand Oops /java concepts
  • Selenium IDE, RC
  • Selenium WebDriver tool in depth, it’s features & components
  • Building a new Test Framework by using Web Driver, Test NG, and Maven

Module 2: Selenium Introduction

  • Selenium Introduction
  • What is Selenium and Why Selenium
  • Use of Automation Testing?
  • Explanation of Selenium and its advantages
  • Differences between Selenium and QTP
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction of selenium Components

Module 3: OOPs concepts and Core Java Introduction

  • OOPs concepts
  • Setup Java environment – Download JDK and Setup eclipse
  • Java programming concepts
  • Class, Object, variables, methods, Packages
  • Conditions and loops
  • Access and non-access modifiers
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Interfaces, Inheritance
  • Collections, Exceptions

Module 4: Selenium IDE and RC Introduction

  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • “Selenese” – Selenium Commands
  • Actions, Asserts, Assessors.
  • Developing Test Cases & Test Suites with Selenium-IDE
  • Introduction to Selenium RC

Module 5: Installations

  • eclipse-Oxygen
  • JDK 1.8
  • Firefox 47.0.1, firebug and file path
  • Set up TestNG, Maven and Selenium (2.53.1 &3.0 +) for eclipse

Module 6: Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and 3.0 Introduction

  • Selenium WebDriver Introduction
  • WebDriver Vs RC
  • Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse
  • Simple Testcase
  • Open and Close Browser
  • Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE, Chrome, Edge.
  • UI elements Locators.
  • Identifying WebElement using id, name, link text,Partial LinkText class Name,
  • XPath, CssSelector and TagName.
  • Handling various WebElement using WebDriver
  • Handling Mouse movements and Keyboard Events
  • Gecko-Driver
  • Verification Commands
    • a.How to get Title
    • b.How to get Current Url
    • c.How to get PageScource
    • d.How to get WindowHandel
    • e.How to get WindowHandels
    • f.How to get Text
    • g.How to get Attributes
  • Validation commands
    • a.IsSelected
    • b.IsEnabled
    • c.IsDisplayed
  • How to operate with WebTable
  • How to Handel Alerts in webpage
  • Switch Commands:
    • to switch windows or Tabs.
    • to switch Alerts.
  • How to operate with calendars
  •  Synchronization Commands
    • a.Thread.sleep();
    • b.ImplicitWait
    • c.ExplisitWait
    • File uploading using Auto-It and Robot.

Module 7: Testing Framework and Tools

  • Introduction of the Testing framework
  • Types of frameworks
  • Tools for developing Test Framework
  • TestNG introduction and Configuration with eclipse
  • TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
  • Creating Test Suit with TestNG

Module 8: Framework

  • Moduler Frame work
  • POM
  • Data driven
  • paramitarization
  • Hybrid Framework

Module 9: Develop Hybrid Framework

  • Developing Hybrid Framework for Web Application using WebDriver /TestNG and Maven
  • Use external Data for Testing (Excel sheet, XML files, Property file)
  • Reading and understanding reports
  • Screenshots of failed Test case

Module 10: Configuration Management

  • Jenkins Installation
  • Maven Installation
  • Dependencies and configure Maven Project
  • Integrate Maven projects in Jenkins.

Selenium Training with Python Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

  • Why do we need Selenium? (Though, there are many automation tools are available)
  • Selenium with Java vs. Python (pros and cons)
  • Program structure

Module 2: Python Programming

  • Basic Programming in Python
  • Function & Parameters in Python
  • Python Data structures and operation
  • File Operations
  • Modules
  • Object Oriented Programming

Module 3: Execution steps

  • Environment setup(python, Pycharm, Selenium and etc.,)
  • Introduction with Python and Pycharm
  • First Script on Selenium

Module 4: Selenium- Web Driver

  • Introduction to Web driver and Remote vs. Local
  • Guide to install Web driver
  • Creating your first script on Web driver
  • Accessing Forms in Web driver
  • Accessing Links and Table content in Web driver
  • Remote web driver

Module 5: Automation Framework

  • Advanced Web element access method- Contains, Sibling, Ancestor and etc.,
  • Framework designing methods
  • Framework adaptation
  • Feature Testing Automation
  • Report Generation out of Automation
  • Real time Automation and the Challenges

Module 6: PyAutoGUI – Controlling Mouse and Keyboard

  • Introduction to pyautogui
  • Accessing Flash content using pyautogui
  • Controlling Keyboard and Mouse events on web driver

Selenium Training with C# Course Syllabus

Module 1: Collapse Selenium IDE

  • Introduction
  • Record & Playback
  • Command types
  • Using Verifications
  • Using Asserts
  • Exporting Test Case/Suite to C#/NUnit

Module 2: Collapse Selenium Webdriver

  • Introduction
  • Setting up new project
  • Project Structure
  • Understanding DOM Structure
  • Finding Elements
  • Assert Types
  • Working with Dynamic Elements (Radio/Checkbox/DropDown/Select Element)
  • Tables and Data grid
  • XPath
  • Embedded JavaScript
  • Cross Platform Browser Testing

Module 3: Collapse Selenium Framework & Infrastructure

  • Creating Data Driven Tests (XML/DB/Excel)
  • Linq queries (DDT)

Module 4: Collapse Selenium Server (Optional)

  • What is Selenium Server
  • Intro for Selenium Grid
  • Configuring Selenium Server
  • Grid Configuration
  • Setting up Grid
  • Running a Test in Grid
  • Best Practice Techniques and Structure
  • Error Handling
  • Actions And Alerts

About Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Certification in Chennai will help you become a future-ready Selenium certified automated tester. This course will keep you ready for the global organizations looking for Selenium Professionals. Selenium is an easy programming language that offers beginners and advanced level training courses for professionals who want to understand the selenium web driver for creating web application tests.

Selenium Training in Chennai


This Selenium Certification Training Course makes you a master in Selenium WebDriver & Core Java with real-world examples to understand the Complete Selenium Testing Techniques effectively. This Selenium Training will also help you to gain Practical exposure to Important Selenium Concepts Such as WebDriver Architecture, Locating Techniques, WebElement Commands, Selenium Grid, and Appium Mobile App Testing.

Learn Page Object Design Pattern, Data-Driven Testing, BDD, TDD, and POI from the Basics to Advanced Level techniques to understand the Complete Selenium WebDriver Framework for Productive automation. Register for Selenium Certification Course with the leading Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai to improve your automation Testing Skills to the Next Level with 100% Placements.

Key Features of Selenium Training in Chennai

  • Selenium Online Training
  • Open-Source Web-Based Automation Tool
  • Learn Future Ready Selenium
  • Virtual and Real Classroom Training
  • Be Certified Automated Tester
  • Manual Testing Training
  • Learn to Automate Web Applications
  • Join Trending Course with Millions of Learners
  • Learn from Real-World Experts
  • Design and Develop new Applications
  • Learn and Integrate Robust Framework
  • Design within DevOps Processes
  • Live Projects and Frameworks
  • Learn New Patterns with Selenium Web Driver
  • Selenium Course Curriculum and Components
  • Learn both Basic and Advanced Topics
  • Become a Certified A4Q Tester
  • Experience Data-Driven Frameworks

Advantages of Selenium Certification Training

  • Most popularly used freeware and open-source automation tool
  • It allows to trace and test the web applications
  • It can run multiple scripts across multiple browsers
  • Most importantly, any organization can use Selenium to test their website and web applications.

Training Benefits

Selenium is one of the Open Source Automation Testing Tool which is mostly used by all the Organizations across the globe for testing Websites effectively to save time and money. The Average Salary for Selenium Automation Tester is around $67000 in Top Companies like CTS, Amazon, Oracle, etc. This Recommended Selenium Certification Training will help you to become a Selenium Tester, Analyst, and Consultant in Just 3 Months.

Training Option

This Selenium Course is available in our 9+ Branches in Chennai at Velachery, OMR, Tambaram, Porur, Anna Nagar, T.nagar, and Siruseri with Placement Assistance. We also offer Online Training for Selenium Courses with Live Instructor-Led Classes and Self-Paced Video Options.  Get more discounts for Corporate Training delivered by Selenium Certified Trainers.


This Selenium Training Course is well suited for Manual Tester and Developer to learn automation Testing and DevOps Tools like GitHub and Maven for Integration Process.  There is no prerequisite for learning Selenium Testing and Certification Exams. Get Best Selenium Training with Java & Python from the Industry Experts.